4 Levels of Retail Therapy

Yesterday my husband and I made a stop down to Lotte Mart – which is basically Gunsan’s version of a giant Walmart with wayyy better stuff in it – true to the Korean way of taking another idea and improving it exponentially. It’s 4 stories high, packed with bakeries, salons, toy stores, coffee shops, kiosks and of course a standard grocers on the first floor.

I purchased myself a camera just for this trip – so please bear with me while I try to re-learn the ins and outs after years of just having the camera stuck on the back on my cellphone. (And if you’re a photographer with tips or tricks that would help me, pleasepleaseplease feel free to leave them in the comments!)

Teeny shoes





6 thoughts on “4 Levels of Retail Therapy

      • Oh no, that’s actually pretty impressive; it’s a small step up from the casual point-and-shoots (and that includes Nikon’s CoolPix series). It’s actually better than the Canon PowerShot we’ve got. The pixel res is better (almost twice ours – 9MP compared to the Pentax’s 16MP) and there are more options.

        First thing I can tell you is set the top dial to “Auto Picture” mode– this will auto-adjust your ISO and other settings to optimal levels for most shooting conditions. Speaking generally, the only times you’d really need to select another mode is under low light (such as at night), and that’d be under the “Scene” (SCN) mode, and I’m guessing the type of scene would be selected from an on-screen menu. Auto Picture will probably be fine for most shots. The camera even has an Auto Macro mode, which means you’ve got better capability of taking small, close-up shots (flowers, bugs, etc.)

        A word about batteries: compact cameras don’t plug into a USB charger like smartphones/tablets do that I recall. AA nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) should do just fine, the site I’m looking at says you’ll get about 500 shots. Otherwise, consider lithium-ion or low self discharge NiMH (but they’re a bit hard to find). Yeah, I should say that your camera takes standard AA batteries like ours does, and that’s very convenient.

        Do note that if you ever want to take video– your camera is VERY well suited to the job; again, your specs are much better than our Canon PowerShot. Try it out and you will see that the video quality is much better than you’d get with a mobile device. I’m sure you understand, of course, that video is greedier on battery power than photo captures.

        The link I’m looking at, btw: http://www.dpreview.com/products/pentax/compacts/pentax_x5

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