A Pair of Hand Knit Socks


There are many things to wear
like jester hats,
leopard pants or baseball caps.

But at the very top
before platform shoes,
silk scarves or slim fit suits,
is a pair of hand knit socks.



The Naughty Knitting Box

Spring has finally come! Gone are the 15 foot high snowbanks, and icy death traps! Now the sun has started to stay a little longer each day, drawing out the plant and animal life. Aside from all the roadkill, it’s fantastic.

Puppy feet make the world go 'round.

Puppy feet make the world go ’round.

All this new growth (and a desire to use up my wool before it’s 95 degrees outside) has encouraged me to work my way through my knitting WIP (work in progress) box. I mostly refer to it as the Naughty Knitting Box. It’s filled with things that I lost interest in, dropped a stitch on, or the things that simply had to think about what they had done for a few months.

One of those projects was Inga Hat by Sheila MacDonald.

Mmm cashmere.

Mmm cashmere.

The entire color chart was well put together and easy to follow, but Christmas 2012 (yeah, I just said 2012) I made a mistake on the 40th or so round, and didn’t notice it for 23 more rounds, on top of that it had about a million and one ends to weave in. So it was put away, moved from Las Vegas to West Michigan, and after a lengthy and painful surgery with a rug hook (the unsung hero of knitting repairs) it was finished, washed, slightly felted and blocked two days ago.


It was just chilly enough to put to good use this afternoon when my dog demanded a play session. But now I have some more knitting to get through, the sooner all my wool disappears the sooner my husband will look past a new fiber purchase.


Puff Piggy


When you become a 20-something, a couple of your friends will announce that they’re expecting their first child – and then it spreads like H1N1. Many of the people I know are pregnant, have newborns, or are adding to an existing number of children. Which leaves me, the gifter who never likes to simply buy you something, with the need for quick and adorable knits suitable for baby showers and first birthdays.

That brought me to the Big Pink Pig by Purl Bee. I didn’t knit it nearly as big as the original, opting for worsted weight yarn and a size 9 needle instead.


No pig would be complete without a curly-q tail.