Stiff Upper Lip

This is going to be a quick post. Most of my writing energy has been poured into short stories recently, so I haven’t been up to spinning a good blog. But piercings and tattoos are things that slip from your mind very quickly and part of the reason I started this blog was to freeze frame some small snippets of my life.

I’ve wanted a Medusa piercing since having my septum done, I like how they look together and I just generally think the two are pretty piercings. I’ve seriously wrestled with the idea of this piercing – mostly because I was terrified of my family’s reaction. My grandparents had a large hand in my upbringing and their opinion means more to me than I like to admit. But I am tired of hiding my personality from them – because really, isn’t that unfair to both of us? That’s all I’m going to say about that in the context of this post.

There was one big drawback of the Medusa for me – it’s a piercing that puts metal in your mouth, and I’m pretty averted to that. But last night as I sat in a restaurant eating vegan buffalo wings, just a few measly streets away from the shop I go to, I resolved to stop in. The piercer introduced me to the Vertical Medusa – which positions the piercing entirely outside of the mouth, placed through the lip and ending through the ‘teardrop’ above it. Like so: 

The overall experience was, in my opinion, one of the more painful – and sneezy – piercings I’ve had. I was almost overcome with the urge to sneeze during the few seconds it takes to be pierced. Thankfully I didn’t, or I probably would have ended up with an eye, cheek or forehead piercing, which are all things I’d like to avoid. The lip is a tad bit swollen and bruised, and the pain is pretty minimal, but I’ve been warned that lip piercings can take a couple of days before they get a good swell going and I wouldn’t want to be left out.


3 thoughts on “Stiff Upper Lip

      • Ahhh, yep, yep, I figured it had to be tempeh or something like that, but little else could approximate the texture and firmness.

        I’m still quite omnivorous myself, but we have fish or veggie dishes on Tuesday night, to try to keep our eating well-balanced.

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