Stiff Upper Lip

This is going to be a quick post. Most of my writing energy has been poured into short stories recently, so I haven’t been up to spinning a good blog. But piercings and tattoos are things that slip from your mind very quickly and part of the reason I started this blog was to freeze frame some small snippets of my life.

I’ve wanted a Medusa piercing since having my septum done, I like how they look together and I just generally think the two are pretty piercings. I’ve seriously wrestled with the idea of this piercing – mostly because I was terrified of my family’s reaction. My grandparents had a large hand in my upbringing and their opinion means more to me than I like to admit. But I am tired of hiding my personality from them – because really, isn’t that unfair to both of us? That’s all I’m going to say about that in the context of this post.

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And Another Thing

It’s been a slow day over here, but I am happy to announce I’m back in the mode of outward creation. I also have some burning questions about the Star Wars franchise.

Why can’t R2 units speak? 3P0 talks. All those droids walk around making corny jokes. In fact, most of those robots speak thousands of languages. But the only way R2 can communicate is through a series of boops and beeps? Is there a sinister background to the R2 units inability to speak?

…and another thing

When Luke loses his hand he’s hooked up with a new one that is exactly like a human hand. But Darth Vader still has to go on as a stumpy, charred remnant of a man in a suit? I understand the significance behind the Darth Vader visage, the foreboding breathing – all of that. But it must be part of the reason Anakin stayed Dark Side, having to wear an iron lung for the rest of your existence is more than enough reason to hate everything. I mean, there’s no way he’s getting laid, right?

That’s all I got for today folks, thanks for reading.

Magic: The Segregated Gathering


I’m a nerd. I don’t say that because I think it’s cool, it’s just a statement, an item on a list of items that make up me. I love comics, I can spend an entire day playing Magic: The Gathering and I’ve seen the Original Trilogy more times than I can remember. I once won a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit before anyone else had a chance to take a turn, I’ve even thought about putting that on my resume.

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A Short List of Predictions

I was on Reddit yesterday and saw a thread on Ask Reddit titled “Time travelers of Reddit, what’s your favorite part of the future?” I was originally going to use the idea for a writing exercise to be done with Lighten the Attic. We didn’t get the chance last night (though I’m sure we’ll revisit it), so I jotted down some of my own Nostradamus-like predictions, because sadly – I am not a time traveler.

So what do I think might happen in the future?

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January’s Shadow

January was a hard month.

Nearly 42 inches of snow fell on the city I live in, coupled with dangerous temperatures I was forced to spend too many of the those 31 days confined to my home – surrounded by a feet deep, white expanse. This alongside the other challenges and stresses in my life have launched me into something of a slump.

I’ve struggled with depression throughout my life. It is an unwelcome guest that settles deep into the mind’s darkest rooms. There is a constant exhaustion that can’t be assigned any cause – but it’s there, and it’s real, and it keeps you fearful of facing the day before noon. As night settles on the world that old, familiar darkness settles in too. These times are the hardest.

January saw a lot of darkness, but there was also light, there is always light.

The joy in writing, in creating, simply isn’t there right now – so I will save that light and think on it a little while longer. I’ll try and cast it into those dark rooms, where I’m sure to find something beautiful.