Pinterest: A Public Service Announcement

This is a Pinterest public service announcement, a PPSA. Heh, I made you say pee-pee.

Pinterest is a website where people collect pictures and links of various tips, tricks, recipes and ideas from all over the internet. Men don’t tend to care about cake pops, spring color pallets or sewing, making the user population heavily female. To the men I know Pinterest is as mysterious as a bra with crisscrossed straps, and as repelling as a tampon.

As the owner of two X chromosomes I can tell you there’s something nice about having all these neat ideas for storage hacks, decorating ideas and other things collected in one place. And it’s male creator, Ben Silbermann, is at once every man’s best and worst bro.

If you want your significant other to force feed you a myriad of culinary creations, work out more, and learn how to honeycomb your underwear drawer – basically, be a better looking, better cooking and more organized version of the woman you already know – then introduce her to Pinterest. But tread lightly, my friend.

At first she’ll be distracted with organizing the house, decorating with carpet remnants and scrap booking paper and incorporating bacon into your diet in ways you never dreamed possible. Once these things have been accomplished and you’re quite honestly sick of bacon (not to mention the 14 half done projects laying around), she will discover the treasure trove of wedding ideas to be found. She’ll start making boards with the title “Our Wedding – Someday!” that might as well read “Ball and Chain: Phase One.” She’ll collect pictures of wedding dresses, hair ideas and invites. Naturally everything that follows this is nursery room inspiration and efficient ways to rip that office of yours out and put that play room in.

But hey, maybe you’re into that sort of thing. In that case, don’t harp on her when she spends 2 hours feverishly pinning brownie recipes with a slightly glazed and primal look in her eye – you’ll probably benefit from it later on.


One thought on “Pinterest: A Public Service Announcement

  1. I think it’s worthy of note that Brett McKay of the “Art of Manliness” site actually MADE a post on Pinterest and trying to pitch how it could be appealing to manly men.

    I… I still fail to be interested.

    Then my wife Cimmorene activated a Pinterest account as part of the Zero to Hero challenge (using social networks to promote your blog) and… we’ll see. She is rather an unabashed tomboy (and is proudly showing our tomboyish daughter the way), but she says she is pleased with how she set things up, although she said she hadn’t gotten much into it.

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