In One Nostril and Out the Other

In the last couple of months I’ve added to my collection of piercings, jumping in with an industrial and then my nipples, two piercings that a lot of people say are very painful. In my opinion, neither one’s got shit on a septum piercing, which I got today. I’ve wanted one for years, and my decision was made for me when I was introduced to jewelry like this:

About the piercing. It was single most painful body mod experience I’ve ever had. I’m talking tattoos, too. I remember my 6 hour thigh piece much more fondly. Maybe it’s because it’s right in the middle of your face, making the whole thing immediately more traumatic.

My nose was clamped with a pair of medieval torture device pliers. These clamps hurt. Oh, they hurt. The pinching and pressure made my eyes become those giant sky waterfalls I imagine cascading from Valhalla. The intense pressure and pinching, coupled with the even more intense pain of the needle made it hard for me to regulate my breathing. Too deep a breath caused me to gag, and because I didn’t want to throw up on someone putting a hole in my face, I was unconsciously holding my breath. Then I panicked because I knew I shouldn’t be holding my breath, so then I would take small, rapid breaths. Also know as hyperventilating.

I tried desperately to get it under control, to stop being so ridiculous. I tried to channel Gaston, because there’s no man in town half as manly. Try as I might, I couldn’t. A salty cocktail of tears and blood flowed into my mouth, the gagging issue grew in intensity.

Because of having a somewhat smallish nose, the guy was having a hard time getting in there. The addition of blood made his job harder. By the time the needle was in he took the clamps off and gave me a minute to get my breathing under control before putting the horseshoe in. Through this all I was gagging, weeping, and bleeding. I give the piercer a ton of credit and do not place any blame on him for my experience, rather I think it’s just the nature of the piercing. I tipped generously and left the shop feeling like an idiot.

I laid and remained still for both of my tattoos, I cringed a little for my industrial, and only flinched during my second nipple piercing. I am not the kind of person who has a problem with pain, and I don’t think my experience was so bad because of pain. I think the real problem was my inability to control my breathing and collect myself. I felt like I was suffocating and a primal, stupid, fight-or-flight part of my brain took over. I felt like someone who’s possessed by a demon, watching their body do all this evil, demon-y stuff and not being able to stop it. It was scary, and borderline traumatic for me.

While the actual piercing was horrible, within an hour I had virtually no pain in my nose. Cleaning it stings, but that subsides. Otherwise the pain afterwards is very minimal compared other piercings I’ve had, and decreases rapidly in the first couple of hours. I don’t think I’d ever do it again, but I’m glad I did.

Now, I have some mustache jewelry to order.


3 thoughts on “In One Nostril and Out the Other

  1. Hi there. Glad I’m starting to find more modified girls on WordPress.

    The piece of jewelery is wonderful and give me hours of self amusement. Sorry to read it was a challenging piercing but relieved you didn’t really make a scene like spewing on over the area. You have to remember, wonderful people that have jobs like a tattooist & piercers must be someone what use to such reactions in their lines of work.

    I agree w/ ya a 100% about those pliers or clamps are true medieval torture devices! I’m convinced they’re more painful then the actual piercing, which tends to make wish they could leave them off. Damn sanitary purposes sometime. lol I finally got my industrial Sept 3rd and I swear I was tearing up from those damn clamps more then I did the previous summer when I last got four piercings done in my other ear. Did you have any problem that first couple times getting the bar into the holes?

    I’m realizing I want more piercings. Who know’s maybe I grow the balls to get some part of my nose done, it’s just the tool they use has me being a big baby about doing it … well that and the money. lmao

    • Thank you for reading 🙂

      I’m also glad that I didn’t make too much of a scene. My piercer told me that the clamps would be the worst part, too. I asked for a few seconds just have them sit there and accept the sensation, which I did pretty well and got my breathing sorta under control. When that needle started going in, though, it took the pain to a whole new level for me. All of my attention went to holding myself still, so at least I was able to do that.

      As for my industrial, I’ve had a great experience. The piercing wasn’t horrible (and he didn’t use clamps), though the lower cartilage piercing took a couple of pushes to break through. It’s bar is a bit long because of the angle my weird ear ridges required. I haven’t changed the jewelry on it yet – it’s about 6 weeks old.

      Good luck with future piercings! I want an additional set of lobe piercings, and possibly a mid-cartilage piercing on the ear opposite my industrial, for balance. Otherwise, I’m pretty happy.

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